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Our features

Kita-App_Funktionen für Kitas

Features for kindergartens

This is how Stramplerbande eases your day to day kindergarten life

Features for kindergartens

The notification feature enables quick and easy communication with parents

Event planning will be done easily by the scheduler feature. Forgot the past, in which you wasn´t sure how many parents will appear to the event.

The platform provides a secure and efficient data managment with options such as child profile, weblogs, picture galeries or information concerning sickness.

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Kita-App_Funktionen für Eltern

Features for parents

This ist how Stramplerbande connects the parents among each other

Features for parents

Newsfeed and push notifications provide important information fast to the parents in an easy manner.

The private and secure groups enables parents to exchange information amoung themselvers, arrange appointments and to provide of help.

The integrated exchange and sales platform saves young famillies‘ money.

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Data privacy

Our most valuable asset

Data privacy

The operation in German data centers  and access codes provided by the daycare center garantuee the highest security standards.

The social network ‚Stramplerbande‘ has been designed from the beginning to meet the new data protection regulations (GDPR).

The modular principle allows to adapt the application to the individual needs.

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Our references

Kindergarten St. Franziskus

in Steinbach im Wald

Kinderhaus Marienheim

in Ingolstadt

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